Looking for a fresh, new look for your fashion brand? Clothing brands in need of a freelance designer, can appeal to Franky Dalle!

With her own alternative style, she is very much drawn to the darker fashion genres, but her interests vary significantly. From a grunge, punk or gothic style to a more organic or bohemian look, she is always looking for a challenge!

After a conversation to determine the specifics of the assignment, the different fases and a formalized, mutual agreement about the expected costs, the creative designing process will begin! With compiling mood boards, color palettes and sketches, Franky Dalle will work to align our vision.

You can always ask for a free initial appointment to discuss your project and look at how I can be of help (online possible).

Fill out the contact form or send email and ask for the phasing brochure and prize estimation in Dutch or English!


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Cirque du Freak



Design hoofdpagina DH crop
Design hoofdpagina DH crop