About voorgrond
About voorgrond2


The woman behind the brand is Joke Roosenbroeck (yo-keh r-OH-zenbrook, lastname meaning “rose marsh”). She was born in a small town, and began exploring her passion in art and fashion from a young age.

Franky Dalle is the name of a small brand, located in Westerlo Belgium, that provides design and patternmaking services, as well as other customization projects. With her extensive training in sewing, textile and fibers, patternmaking, fashion design and beyond, she was able to make her passion partially her job. Recently she has also started teaching classes on sewing, repairing clothing and clothing upcycling projects.

“I have been designing clothes my whole life and, at first without any knowledge, have been making them for years. Now I have the knowledge and the tools to help customers find the clothing they need, and I am so grateful to be able to do this.”

Also from a young age the love for drawing and painting was passed from granny to granddaughter. What started with small, simple pen drawings at the age of 6 evolved to the artist she is today. Pen drawings were soon accompanied by oil paintings. At here 16 she enrolled in art classes. Around the age of 18 she added pastels to here preferred techniques. The next step is when painting met fashion. Joke applies here painting skills to fabric, thus creating unique pieces of wearable art!

If you’d like more info about what I can offer, take a look at my patternsdesign or art page.

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